How PC Speed Up Works

Why You Need PC Speed Up

With PC Speed Up:

  • Your PC Will Start In Minutes
  • Your PC Will Work Faster
  • Your Internet Will Be Quicker
  • Your Computer Will Crash Less Often

With One-click You Can Enjoy Your Computer (not waste time fixing it!)

PC Speed Up can help with all of these – with just one-click!

System Startup Improvement

PC Speed Up will analyse all the programs that start when your computer starts. You will see a list of all your programs.

You get to choose:

  • Run: Allow the program to start immediately when Windows does.
  • Delay: Don’t start the program until after Windows has started. It will then start in the background without slowing you down.
  • Pause: Don’t start the program at all.

If you’re not sure then there is a handy guide that tells you what most people choose!

You will see a graph that shows your performance over time so that you will know how well you’re doing!

Background Applications - Optimization

Many programs run background applications that are rarely, if ever, needed. You have no control over this and they are using your valuable resources with no benefit to you. PC Speed Up will optimize these for you.

You get to control which applications are optimized by simply clicking "On" or "Off". The applications will turn these back on automatically if they need them. In the meantime, you are enjoying the full speed of your computer.

Free Memory Boost

PC Speed Up will improve the speed your computer by using up to 2GB of your USB Flash Drive as if it were extra memory.

This will improve start up times even more and will also make other programs run faster - particularly the larger programs such as Microsoft Office, Photo and Video applications.

Improve Hard Disk Reliability, Speed and Lifespan

PC Speed Up will examine your hard drives and carry out maintenance on them as needed. This will speed up your computer, prevent crashes and extend the life of your computer. It will also be quieter!

PC Speed Up will also remove junk files – giving you more usable hard disk space.

Disabling Unnecessary Services

Windows automatically assumes you will be sending faxes, using virtualization software and a few other things that you do not need. These services are always running in the background – wasting your computer’s resources.

PC Speed Up will stop those services for you which means your computer will be running faster.

Configuring System and Network Settings – For YOU

PC Speed Up will examine all of the Microsoft Windows System and Network settings and automatically choose values that are optimal for your computer and the way you use it.

The default settings are set up for an ‘average’ user. You are unique – let PC Speed Up tune your computer to YOUR needs.

And More

PC Speed Up does many other things to help you get the most from your computer but we don’t have the space to list them here.

We are also working continually to improve the program and add new features. Our Bonus Pack licence is a one-off fee that allows you unlimited life-time updates and support on up to 3 computers. We also have our annual subscription plan and our free version.

PC Speed Up installs in minutes and runs with one-click – try it now!